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Portia is the most dedicated, strongest, loyal, hardworking, and kindest person I know. No matter what was going on in her life, Portia kept a smile on her face, uplifting everyone around her. There is no task too big or too small for Portia to do; through time and dedication, she always found the best and most efficient way to get it done. She was the first person in the office and always the last person to leave. Portia was not only doing her job to provide for her family, but she actually took the time to get to know young women like myself and helped us grow into better women, preparing us for the future. Portia has had a great impact on the Georgia State program and all the people around her; anybody would be lucky to have her on their team.

Madison Newby
Georgia State WBB Student-Athlete (2015-2018)

Portia Jones (Benbow) is one of the best in the business. Her professionalism, passion and expertise in this field should be an example for others to follow. Portia has a desire to enhance the lives of young people and the people around her. She has a very bright future and will enhance any program that she is associated with.

Latricia Trammell
WNBA LA Sparks Assistant Coach

I worked with Portia Benbow this past WNBA season (2018) and the first thing I noticed was her resolve. She came into a not so smooth situation and handled every problem thrown at her. I personally have asked her for help on numerous occasions and have always received a hasty solution.

Renee Montgomery
Atlanta Dream #20, 2x WNBA Champion, 11-year WNBA veteran

What comes to mind when I think of Portia is that she is a hard worker. She is also like a mother and she is loving and caring. She really cares about those who surround her and she has a big heart.

Janessa Murphy
Georgia State WBB Student-Athlete (2017-2019)

Portia Jones Benbow exudes great leadership and communication skills. The standard of excellence that she lives by has allowed her to be successful at every level of academics and athletics. She’s a team player who also knows how to adapt. Portia is a great motivator while also understanding the needs of the student-athlete. In the near future Portia will become a SWA at a Power 5-member institution, in which the tireless effort she has exhausted for the greatness of student-athletes today will continue to develop leaders for tomorrow.

Bradley Horton
Associate Athletic Director-Student-Athlete Development- Georgia State University Athletics

Portia Benbow is a hardworking and astute leader. She has a way of treating those she worked with like family, while successfully handling business. She is altruistic, exemplifying the true meaning of serving others before herself.

Brooke Gladney
Former GSU WBB Student Manager and Atlanta Dream Intern

Portia has a passion for the event and facility management industry. Her organizational skills, ability to communicate with ease to clients, co-workers, vendors, contractors and executive leadership allowed her to have a high success rate in executing events. Portia can work independently and also works well in a team setting. She is professional in her interactions with co-workers and constantly seeks out ways to improve communication and operational efficiency. She makes it a priority to get to know the team members who assist in executing her events, past their name and their work function.

Tarena Smith
Senior Director of Stadium Events-Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA

Portia has a bright future in events. She is constantly developing her skills and truly cares about each event that comes across her desk. I have never met someone that works so hard to ensure that an event is executed perfectly but also ready to solve any problem that might arise throughout the process.

Ginny Needham
Stadium Events Manager, Tennessee Titans

Portia has the organizational skill and developing leadership acumen to be a general manager of a sports arena or a major conference center if so desired. She has the character to oversee the work of a large non-profit organization. She has the work ethic to coach a professional sports team.

Dr. Christopher Boyd
General Manager-Riverside EpiCenter

I was blown away at the presentation for the back to school drive thru. You thought out every detail and for someone as meticulous as me, that’s not easy to do. I’ll be back for sure. Thank you!

Renee Montgomery
2x WNBA Champion, Media Personality, & Social Activist

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